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System Maintenance and Inspections

Prevention and Savings

When it comes to maintenance, never forget that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At Climatisation Ray, we believe in preventive maintenance in order to ensure the proper functioning of your air conditioning units and system inspections.

Our preventive maintenance programs include scheduled annual visits, based on your needs. Our specialized technicians will come to you to assess the condition of your equipment and change the filters, belts and any other components that need to be replaced. 

Your ventilation systems will definitely benefit from our maintenance activities, and will provide you with better air quality. In addition, the periodic inspection of your equipment will ensure a longer life cycle and help prevent future repairs, allowing you to save over the long term.

Gaz Métro Plus


Climatisation Ray is proud of its business partnership with Gaz Métro Plus through its contribution to the Equipment Upgrade Program, and executes various inspection and preventive maintenance contracts for its clients throughout the province of Québec.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Choose prevention now. Contact the experienced technicians at Climatisation Ray to ensure the maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems.

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